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electronic-center-spa-sistemi-di-connessione-e-cablaggio-modena-news-ZERO SMOG TL1 FT91015699-WELLER
Soldering Equipments

Weller Zero Smog TL

Fume extractor, max 2 work stations, to reduce gas and particles harmful to health. Noise 99.95%, active carbon foam filter, with a capacity of 190mc/h.

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electronic-center-spa-sistemi-di-connessione-e-cablaggio-modena-news-WXR3-WELLER set-gen2015
Tools and Equipments

Weller WXR3

Weller three-channel rework station, with internal pump, USB port, 600W power. Find out more

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Soldering Equipments

Weller WXD2

Dual-channel soldering/desoldering station, with an anti-static touch screen resistant to heat and chemicals; multi-language display for fast and easy reading. Equipped with two interfaces for

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